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Energy efficient glass replacement in your existing frames, will save you money on your heating bills.

Today’s glass plays a crucial role in delivering energy efficient buildings.

Using planitherm energy saving glass offers the ultimate thermal performance
without any detriment to the clarity of the glass, the benefits include :

- Enhanced Security :
The transparent layer on comfort or comfort + glass makes them much harder
to break through.

- Noise Reduction
A built in acoustic layer keeps the exterior noise exactly where it belongs!

- Furniture Fade Protection
Ultra violet light for the sun will contribute to your furniture and curtains fading over time.

- Reduce Overheating
Planitherm glass has a special coating designed to keep out heat from the sun’s rays.

Using glass from our energy efficient range in your windows will reduce your home’s
CO2 output, making your home more environmentally friendly.

We are proud members of FENSA & Safe Contractor, we pride ourselves on our reputation for customer satisfaction and our attention to detail.

We work closely with our customers to fully understand their wants and needs